MRT X ROX DD Crawler Kevlar Dual/Comp Tire UTV/ATV BobCat 32x10x14

MRT X ROX DD Crawler Kevlar Dual/Comp Tire UTV/ATV BobCat 32x10x14

  • Kevlar Belted Light-Weight And Puncture Resistantover 3/4 Of An Inch Of Sticky Treaddd- Dual Duro Tread -Two Different Tread Compounds For Maximum Traction This Tire Is All About Crawling And Finding The Summit.
  • Weight 38 lbs. Tread depth over 3/4 inches of TREAD 8 ply. Load rating 1330 lbs
  • Deep self-cleaning tread patterns engineering optimized square tread design to maximize contact patch of the tire for superior cornering and traction.
  • Huge sidewall biters that curve from the tread way down on the sidewall providing additional protection and deep cornering traction but additional flotation in softer materials.
  • Over 300 percent more puncture resistant than the best nylon tires from any other UTV tire on the planet, and much less weight per tire.

Kevlar Sidewall Provides The Most Anti-Puncture Tire On The Market. Running The Trails Or Boondocking A New Trail, It Will Get You There And Back.The Sidewalls Are Much Stronger Because Of The Kevlar Construction Enabling You To Regulate Your Tire Pressures For Max Traction Without Fear Of Blowing A Tire Sidewall. Trail Pro Pure Traction Everything About This Tire Was Designed For Maximum Traction, Sidewall Durability And Versatility. Self Cleaning Tread, Provides Maximum Contact Patch For The H
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