Nice Polaris Razor photos

Some cool Polaris Razor images:

Polaris RZR ATV
Polaris Razor
Image by pmarkham
My friends Jenny and Pete have a cabin on Wilson Lake, which is near Finland, MN. I visited them over the weekend and got snowed in for a few days when a lake effect snow from Lake Superior dumped 14 inches at their cabin.

Having an ATV of some sort is almost a necessity when you have a cabin in the north woods of MN. This is a two seat Polaris RZR (pronounced Razor). They use this for hauling stuff around their property, plowing snow, and also for just cruising up the abandoned logging roads to see the wildlife. They chose this type of vehicle mostly so Jenny could enjoy the woods too. Jenny has quadriplegia, but the seats are situated perfectly for Jenny to sit in.

Polaris Razor working the ranch
Polaris Razor
Image by Lute Alumni
I was driving down FM (Farm-to-Market road) 16 east, in Carroll, Texas, when I spotted this thingy through the bushes. Turning around, I saw the owner of this Polaris Razor working on his fence.

People here are friendly, (Texas is from a Caddo Indian word, "Tejas" meaning "friend") and when I asked if I could take a picture of the Polaris, he said "sure," got in it, and actually drove it up closer so I could get a better shot (See inset) He said he used the razor to get around on his ranch when working on it, "and also go mudding" for fun."

People are just like that around here — very neighborly and helpful to total strangers, even for something as unimportant as a photo. Living in the Seattle, Washington area for 10 year, where people are distant, and Manhattan, New York City for about 10 where people ignore you altogether, it took some getting used to.

But I sure like it now.