Polyurethane ATV/UTV Snow Plow Edge – 48″x4″x.75″ Blank

Polyurethane ATV/UTV Snow Plow Edge – 48″x4″x.75″ Blank

  • Minimizes damage to surface being plowed.
  • Outlasts standard steel ATV/UTV plow edges.
  • Heavy-duty polyurethane construction.
  • Ideal for use on pavers, decorative concrete, cobblestone and uneven surfaces.
  • Will not leave rust marks.

FallLine Polyurethane ATV/UTV Snow Plow Edges are ideal for plow owners looking for a cutting edge that minimizes surface damage and offers a longer service life than steel edges. Polyurethane edges are resilient, and therefore absorb impacts and conform to the surface being plowed rather than damaging the plowing surface. Due to the resiliency, Polyurethane cutting edges absorb vibrations and impacts, and as a result are very quiet in operation. Cutting edge is offered without holes or hardware
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